Read Between the hemLines is a fashion blog I started when I was 15 years old as a means to express myself in a conservative small town. What started as a blog with pop culture, GIF formatted posts evolved into short essays about things I went through and profiles on peers and/or movements that inspired me.  As I grew up, the blog grew with me. While I do not write on it anymore I still maintain the platform. I fondly look back on it, now seeing how this blog helped me chronicle my journey in becoming a storyteller for fashion, feminism and social responsibilty.

Read Between the hemLines

BABES is a fictional website and non-profit I created for my Social Media, Social Justice and Advocacy course final. I took this course in the spring semester of my sophomore year at New York University. BABES stands for Books Across Borders, Everyone Succeeds. While the website and non-profit are fake, the cause -- girls education -- is very real to me. I have incoproated girls education advocacy into my concentration of Empathy and Ethics, my self-made major at Gallatin the School of Indiviudalized Study within NYU.

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